• 24hr Emergency Service.
  • Same day or next day re-glazing
  • Laminated & security safety glass
  • Fire resistant, acoustic and tinted glass
  • Toughened glass doors and bolted glass assemblies
  • High quality, energy efficient double glazed units
  • Back painted glass, decorative glass and mirrors


  • Gyms & Offices
  • Fitness & Dancing Studios
  • Golf Clubs
  • Hotels & Leisure centers
  • Shop Fitting
  • Fitting Rooms
  • Boutiques
  • Hair & Beauty Salons
  • Sliding Mirror Doors
  • Portable Mirror Walls
  • Hospitals

Our helpdesk is based in our St Louis Area head office and with this single point of contact American Door, Glass & Mirror can organize a personal, local and rapid response to all emergency door breakdowns for all products in any location.

Here at American Door, Glass & Mirror we know that when a door breaks down our customers want:

  • A rapid reliable response.
  • An engineer that understands the failure and can put it right promptly and effectively.
  • A realistic price for sorting the problem.

and we are committed to fulfilling these expectations on time every time, so giving you peace of mind that when your door breaks down, regardless of its original make, the result will be a job well done.


A door that jams, operates intermittently or is damaged is a nuisance and is something that could completely let you down at a critical time. So, avoid the hassle and request an American Door, Glass & Mirror routine door repair today, so that you are safe in the knowledge that your door is not going to let you down tomorrow.

Customers include:

  • Stores and chains of stores
  • Facilities Management
  • Government, local authorities, schools, hospitals, fire, police, ambulance
  • Industrial End Users, Factories, Warehouses, Distribution, Motor trade
  • Utilities, Water, Power generators
  • Local Stores and Shopping Centers
  • Commercial Properties, Hotels and Offices, Airports
  • Service sector, Banks, Restaurants

American Door, Glass & Mirror Doors - Service Packages

Across the St. Louis area, American Door, Glass & Mirror services the planned preventative maintenance needs of national group outlets, so significantly reducing door failures which can cost the St Louis area business essential loss of earnings if these breakdowns occur at key operating times.

We have established a service support program designed to meet the needs of the modern multiple location retailer and our technical team will work with you to determine the service program you need in line with your door usage requirement and maintenance budget.

Whether your doors are an original door or came from an alternative supplier, we can offer a range of planned preventative maintenance contracts tailored to the needs of your St. Louis area business and your subsequent frequency of door usage.

Our contracts are developed with your needs and budget in mind and so take into account:

  • Logical service intervals at times to suit your key operating hours.
  • Special pricing offers on spares and components.
  • Reports advising of door usage and therefore anticipated component replacement needs, together with changes in this activity since the last report. This enables you to forward plan maintenance repairs on your door(s).
  • Reports of door misuse/abuse. Allowing you the ability to ensure your people know how to use and so look after your door(s) properly and therefore maximize its(their) life expectancy.
  • Rapid response times should a door unexpectedly fail.

Reliable and Efficient Service Delivery.

Whatever program is developed for your St Louis area business’s needs,  our engineers will be on site at the pre-agreed interval times to check that your doors are performing to maximum efficiency.  Any problems will be reported immediately with a proposed solution and cost, so that you can make an instant, informed decision on what you should do next.

American Door, Glass & Mirror can then present a door maintenance proposal that should avoid further emergency breakdowns, reduce intermittent problems and ensure that your business is kept on track for a sensible budget.

Speak to us today and rest assured that there is then one less problem for you to have to encounter at the worst of times.

Aluminum Doors.

American Door, Glass & Mirror are pleased to offer a range of architectural aluminum doors for retail and commercial entrances.

To achieve a show piece entrance, American Door, Glass & Mirror’s aluminum doors are available in a wide range of styles, finishes and opening options including pivot, butt hinged or sliding, all with Manual or Automatic Operation. Moreover, you can be assured of a quality, reliable product as all our retail and commercial doors are installed to last a lifetime.

Typical applications:

  • Commercial office complexes
  • Retailers
  • Car Showrooms
  • Leisure Centers and complexes
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Hospitals and medical centers
  • Public buildings

After Hours Emergancy Service.

Our specialty is glazing. That mystical process of installing magical clear glass (also known as windows) into buildings. And what’s better than someone coming to install new glass in an empty hole in your St. Louis area storefront? Someone coming to take care of the problem in the middle of the night.